• Program or Individual Review
  • Detailed Roster Analysis 
  • Swing Development for the Program or Individual
  • Problem Identification and Solutions
  • Mentoring for Hitting 

College Softball Programs, Club or High School Programs, Individuals

Sometimes a Fresh Set of Eyes, a New Voice, and/or a Different Approach is Needed.


Add Jerrad as a Consult to Help Refresh Your Approach to Hitting with New Ideas and Practical & Proven Tactics Utilized by the Most Successful Hitters in the World.


* Professional In-Services for Your Staff

* Hitting Programs for Your Team

* An Overview of Current Methods 

* Analysis for each Team Member

* Problem-Solving and Problem-Prevention

There are different pricing options depending up on the scope of the work you're requesting. Options range from a one-time In-Service to continual consult. 

Jerrad Has over 20 Years experience developing Hitters. His experiences have ranged from working with Top College Programs, professional athletes, championship-Winning Amateur Programs, countless college athletes,and learning from the best hitting minds in the world.

Planning an Approach

Optimizing Mechanics

Valuing Timing

Utilizing Mental StRategies

Maximizing Video Analysis

Developing Power

Making Adjustments

Off-Season Routines

Scouting Opponents

Improving Practices

Good Hitters are Developed when Coaches Focus on the Things that Matter Most by Maximizing the Time Given. 
You will be Loaded with Instructional Content and Understand How to Personally Apply It. 




NCAA DISCLAIMER: The Jerrad Hardin Fastpitch Camps are Open to Any and All Participants Restricted Only by Gender, Age, and Number of Campers. 

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