Jerrad Hardin has helped over 10,000 softball athletes improve their game and have helped athletes claim spots on the best teams throughout college softball including the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, ACC, Big East, and many more. 

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Top College Coaches

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The Elite Camp is designed for upcoming athletes who will be in the 7th-12th grades, who wish to improve their skills and showcase those skills with college coaches. As a result of new NCAA rules, our camp gives you the best opportunity to meet, talk, and work with college coaches throughout a well-planned and productive day of camp activities. 
The Youth Camp is designed for upcoming athletes who will be in the 3rd-6th grades, who wish to improve their skills by working with college coaches. These camps are held in select cities in-conjuction with our Elite Camps. Like all of our camps, this camp is well-planned and formatted to provide the best camp experience for every participant. 


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Team Clinics

"Hitting is a multi-faceted skill that can be inherently understood by some but can certainly be developed in others. Using the best players in the world as a model, we can better understand the mental, physical, and physiological reasons why the best are the best. Using proper training methods with a definitive understanding for the process, we can help mold any hitter to achieve their potential at the plate."
Jerrad Hardin is passionate about teaching hitting skills to athletes of all levels and ages. From pros to those who still need to grow, Jerrad had worked with them all. Technology allows you to connect with Jerrad from anywhere in the world, or if that's not your thing, contact him to bring a clinic to your group. 

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NCAA DISCLAIMER: The Jerrad Hardin Fastpitch Camps are Open to Any and All Participants Restricted Only by Gender, Age, and Number of Campers.