Participation is open to any and all female athletes who will be in the 7th-12th grade during the fall of 2020 (2021-2026 Classes) - Each Camp is limited to 80 total participants.
Participants are expected to provide their own bat, glove, shoes, and appropriate athletic wear. 

Updated Refund Policy

The unprecedented nature of the Coronavirus has impacted individuals and businesses across the world, and we are no different. As a result, our refund policies regarding 2020 camp registrations have been revised. We are mindful that this may not be ideal for everyone, however, due to extenuating circumstances and ongoing operational costs, refunds for 2020 camp dates are not feasible. 
If (i) a 2020 camp is canceled by us; or (ii) you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or are under a doctor or government ordered quarantine,  we are offering full credit to a future camp.


One word we never want to say aloud begins with "R"!  However, when the R-word rears its wet head, here's how we handle it:
1. Move Indoors
We will make every effort to make the camp happen. In most locations, we will have an Indoor Facility available to us as a backup plan. Because we keep our camp participation small, we are able to move inside and still have a productive day. The day does focus more on skill work and coach-to-participant interaction. We do not have full game-play Indoors. 
2. Weather-shortened Camp
If we get our day started outdoors and weather interrupts. We will delay, and wait as long as possible for conditions to improve. This may result in an abbreviated schedule and/or cancellations of portions of the camp. No refunds for camp will be awarded as a result of a weather-shortened camp. 
3. Camp Cancellation
In the event a 2020 camp is canceled, the camp fee will be rolled over into a future camp where credit will be awarded to those registered for a 2020 camp. 


1. When do you expect to have the full staff hired for respective camps?

There is certainly a process that typically has to play out.  Each program has to finish their respective summer recruiting schedules before they know if they'll be available to work our camps. Generally, it is easier for us to add the smaller schools early (January/February) and most of the bigger schools later (March/April).  What we do not do - is list a program on a camp page unless there is a firm commitment from that coach/program to attend.


2. Can I get a discount for bringing multiple team members? 

Unfortunately, we are bound by NCAA rules which strictly prohibits providing any incentives for individuals or groups from attending our camps. Because we pay NCAA coaches to work our events, each individual participant must pay the same fee.

3. Does anyone ever get recruited as a direct result of your camp?

The short answer is, Yes. We do not track or list individuals who benefit in this way on our website or other social media channels. The NCAA is clear that our camp and others paying NCAA coaches to work must operate as Skill Building camps and not as a Recruiting Combine (which we are not). NCAA coaches are not allowed to interact or attend in the same way at a Combine. Our camps are for Skill Building Purposes, however there is a natural byproduct of a good player interacting with coaches in a day-long event. Our camp connects you with college coaches and provides you with the opportunity to be noticed with potential follow-up by coaches after the event.

4. We've been to other camps that are a disaster. Why will your camp be worth my time and money?

We feel, as many others do, that we offer the best camp opportunity available. We provide an easy-to-follow format that is organized and always on-time. The number of high-level coaches and programs who participate in our camps, every year, speaks volumes.  Good Programs and coaches aren't going to consistently associate themselves with poor camps.  Additionally, we've received thousands of emails and reviews from our participants touting our camp as the best they've ever attended. We have a long history of providing quality camps, and we are proud to be widely-known as the gold standard for softball camps. Lastly, we think there's a great value in attending our camp. You won't be able to go anywhere and find as many high-quality college coaches in one place with the attendance limited to just 100 participants. 


5. Any new features or changes in the format for 2020?

While the majority of our camp is unchanged, we have made a few changes to the format to provide even more interaction with the coaches. We think you'll love the new features we are planning to add! If you've attended in the past, and are looking forward to another great camp, you won't be disappointed in the changes! If you're new to our camps, you'll love the amount of time you spend with the coaches and the opportunities the camp format provides.

Do you have a question? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us anytime using the form below. 

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NCAA DISCLAIMER: The Jerrad Hardin Fastpitch Camps are Open to Any and All Participants Restricted Only by Gender, Age, and Number of Campers.