Jerrad Hardin Fastpitch Camp

Building Connections & Confidence

Skill Development

Learn New Skills from College Coaches

A portion of our day is designed to introduce learning opportunities for every position group. Each segment makes efficient use of time by introducing new drills and ideas. All skill groups are led by college coaches. We strive to create small group learning situations so every camper can optimize her experience.



Showcase Abilities with College Coaches

Our games are designed to create equal time for hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding. Our unique game formula provides every athlete a chance to play desired positions and learn from college coaches in a game setting. These games are competitive, fun, and organized.

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Guidance from Top College Coaches

Learn From the Best

Your day at a Jerrad Hardin Camp is filled with opportunities throughout the day to interact with more than a dozen college coaches. Learn from them, ask questions, and build connections. (2).png
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