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ABOUT Your Camp Exerience

Connect with College Coaches + Learn New Skills 

Understand the Process + Realize Your Potential

+ Meet & Greet with College Coaches

+ Skill Measurements

+ Batting Practice

+ Skill Sessions for Every Position

+ Games Coached by College Coaches

+ Small Group Q & A with All Coaches

"Great Camp and interaction with staff and coaches! Highly Recommend! Loved the sit down and Question and Answer with coaches!"
Jerrad Hardin Camps have helped over 10,000 softball athletes improve their game and have helped athletes claim spots on the best teams throughout college softball including the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, ACC, Big East, and many more. 
You can get started on your path to becoming a better softball player and improving your chances of playing college softball today!
1. Choose a Camp Location     2. Claim a Spot by Registering     3. Grow Your Skills & Knowledge

The Jerrad Hardin Fastpitch Camp delivered exactly as advertised and was well worth the drive from St Louis to Denver. Because of the attendance cap of 100 and the rotation style used in the camp my daughter was not only able to showcase her skills, but also have 1:1 teaching and skill review time with amazing coaches. The camps are offered so consistently, at such a variety of locations and host an impressive variation of coaches that it’s easy to find a great fit for your aspiring college softball player. The variety of coaches in attendance of the camp allowed my daughter to be seen by coaches that may have never otherwise seen her, which lead her to becoming a Utah UTE!

Limited Participants

A greater opportunity to be noticed with only 100 total participants and up to 16 college coaches.

Proprietary Format

Our format was designed by college coaches and crafted to the needs of our participants.

Interactive Coaches

Coaches working our events interact throughout the day. We would not have it any other way.

Organized Itinerary

Our camp is detailed and organized. We communicate everything clearly and are always on time.

A Quick Note From Jerrad

It's important to me that you know I personally care about your camp experience and about your success as a softball player.  It is the reason why I attend and work all of the camps on our schedule, and why we begin a relationship immediately after your register for a camp and continues long after the camp is over. 


Our camps were started with the single purpose of helping athletes achieve their dreams of becoming better softball players through skill development while increasing the opportunity to be noticed by top college coaches. Over the years our camps have evolved into a better experience for our participants, parents, and coaches. We are continually searching for ways to improve our camps and the details we've added to our 2018 camps are going to make what has been a great camp, even better.  From limiting our camps to just 100 participants, hiring more coaches, to adding new features, the 2018 camps are going to enhance the experience of every camper regardless of age, experience, or expectation. Our entire staff look forward to meeting you this summer and can't wait to partner with you on your softball journey! 

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Softball Career? 



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NCAA DISCLAIMER: The Jerrad Hardin Fastpitch Camps are Open to Any and All Participants Restricted Only by Gender, Age, and Number of Campers.